Sensory Equipment

Are you in the market for pieces of sensory equipment? Maybe you don’t feel like you have the time to shop around, sew, or make your own equipment. Do catalog options and prices seem overwhelming?


Look no further! Sensible Sensory Spaces, LLC is happy to help. Let Sensible Sensory Spaces, LLC do the legwork for you. Browse around for ideas. If you see something of interest, contact us. We can help you select quality sensory equipment within your budget.

girl in ballpit

Ball Pit in a Bag

The Ball Pit In A Bag is made from stretchable lycra material and is filled with non-crushable ball pit balls. It is simply a ball pit in a bag. Moving about within the stretchy fabric and amongst the ball pit balls provides wonderful proprioceptive input for children. The sounds of the ball pit balls and the presented variety of colors also provide auditory and visual sensory input. It is a great way to play peek-a-boo with young children or children working on eye contact. Many children like to sit in the bag while playing or working on homework. A Ball Pit In A Bag is a great way to contain the balls so that they do not roll around resulting in a mess like traditional ball pits. This item is available in multiple colors and is easy to wash.

Scooter Board

Scooter boards can be used when sitting or lying prone on one’s stomach. Children can use their legs to maneuver themselves around while sitting on the scooter board. The most popular way to use a scooter board is to lay prone on one’s stomach while using arms and hands to propel the scooter board. Scooter boards provide great vestibular and proprioceptive input. Not only is lying prone beneficial sensory positioning, it also helps facilitate better vision while strengthening the upper body. Scooter board play is a fun way to retrieve game pieces or puzzle pieces to complete puzzles, race, or even play scooter board hockey. Other scooter board activities include scooter ski and bungee scooter board.

sensory spaces girl on skateboard
therapy tunnel

Therapy Tunnel

This therapy tunnel is durable and collapsible for easy storage. It is beneficial for many ages, yet helps facilitate crawling in young children. Crawling through the therapy tunnel works on bilateral coordination skills, strength, and endurance while providing vestibular and proprioceptive input. Children can crawl through the therapy tunnel in between taking turns with a game, to retrieve puzzle pieces, or to obtain a preferred toy.

Resistive Tunnel

Resistive tunnels are long tunnels made from a lycra blend fabric. Children receive proprioceptive input while crawling through the stretchable material. Resistive tunnels are easy to store and transport and provide beneficial sensory input.

sensory room girl in resistive tunnel

Therapy Ball/Exercise Ball

Therapy/exercise balls provide great sensory input. Children can sit and bounce on the therapy ball while sitting upright. They can also roll on the therapy ball while prone on their stomachs. Many children find it calming and relaxing to receive proprioceptive input by having the therapy/exercise ball rolled across their body. Therapy balls are available in several colors.

Crash Cushion

This crash cushion is different from other crash cushions on the market. It is made from a stretchable material and is filled with foam. The stretchable material allows the child to crash onto the surface safely and comfortable without sliding which provides increased sensory input. The crash cushion cover has a zipper in which the foam can be removed allowing the cover to be washed. It is like a giant bean bag, but functions as much more. When children safely crash, their bodies receive proprioceptive input found to be calming and organizing. Many children find comfort in lying directly on crash cushion or being “squished” in the crash cushion like a taco. The crash cushion is available in many colors.

sensory room girl on trampoline

Mini Trampoline

A mini trampoline is a wonderful piece of sensory equipment that provides vestibular input. Mini trampolines are great alternatives to more expensive, large, outdoor trampolines. Owning a mini trampoline inside your home will provide your child with sensory input that is not dependent upon the weather. A mini trampoline pairs well with a crash cushion.

Sensory Bins and Fidgets

The sensory bins are boxes filled with tactile toys of differing textures. This provides tactile sensory input while allowing the child to explore and fidget. Engaging children in tactile activities is often calming to one’s sensory system. Play with tactile input helps desensitize the tactile system so children are able to tolerate textures. The contents of the tactile/fidget box occasionally vary and are dependent upon stock availability. Included with the sensory bins are an extensive and customized list of tactile box filler suggestions. Switching out the fillers in sensory bins are highly recommended to expose children to various textures for increased sensory input.