“Designing our homes should fulfill our individual sensory needs to create organization and serenity while achieving function and comfortably fitting within our budget.”

•Are you in need of interior design services? Look no further!

•Is your child in need of a sensory space in your home? Sensible Sensory Spaces is here to help!

Sensible Sensory Spaces takes pride in creating beautiful sensory spaces that fulfill an individual’s sensory needs while being asthetically pleasing to the eye. Sensible Sensory Spaces first thinks outside of the room and considers the individual’s sensory needs and then steps inside the room to incorporate one’s design style. I guess you could say it’s interior design with a twist. Perhaps you need an Occupational Therapist, not an interior designer!

What is Sensible Sensory Spaces and what services do we offer?

   Centered LogoAfter treating children with sensory processing difficulties and seeing the results of sensory input at therapy clinics, Amy Molley dreamed of children and their families having access to such sensory input on a daily basis in the comfort of their own homes. It’s no secret that children need sensory input each and every day, not just on days when they receive therapy services. Amy combined her passion for children with special needs, her knowledge and experience with sensory integration, and her love for decorating  and interior design and established Sensible Sensory Spaces in 2014.

Sensible Sensory Spaces not only creates in-home sensory spaces for children with sensory processing challenges, it offers much more.  Whether a child with special needs or an adult, we all have our own unique way of processing sensory information within our environment. Do you feel calm, organized, and at peace when you are in a decluttered room with neutral colors and dim lighting? Are you the opposite and prefer to work in an office with bright, vibrant colors with increased lighting alerting your sensory system to keep yourself awake and motivated? A child may struggle to sit still and may need increased movement. If that is the case, lets incorporate sensory equipment like you see at a therapy clinics into a fun child themed bedroom. Do you have an office or room in your home that needs redecorating? Sensible Sensory Spaces looks at the sensory processing needs of the individuals utilizing the space and then considers the element of design to create beautiful spaces.

We all also deserve to have spaces or houses that feel like home which are filled with rooms we desire to be in to retreat. Such spaces should make us feel safe and secure with decor that pleases our personalities. Furthermore, we all should be able to achieve such spaces within the our own budget.

Sensible Sensory Spaces offers a variety of services including in-home sensory spaces, sensory equipment for children, and what you might have previously thought of as interior design.


Sensible Sensory Spaces not only helped create a sensory space in our basement for our daughter, but also helped me design and decorate my home office. I had no idea that I too needed my own sensory space so that I could concentrate better with less distractions to be more productive. My new office is now a room I enjoy instead of an eye sore. I had no idea that I needed my own sensory space! -A.C.

Here’s what clients have to say about Sensible Sensory Spaces

It was so beneficial to have Amy Molley to our house for a Sensible Sensory Consultation.  I was having a very difficult time prioritizing how to help my daughter with her sensory needs.  During the summer, we went to a playground every day, but during the winter my daughter was not having her sensory needs met on a daily basis.  I knew that there were lots of things I could do to help her at home, but was so overwhelmed by what was on the internet and in books.  As a professional Occupational Therapist, Amy helped me begin with a few basic things that would address my daughter’s strong need for sensory input and help build her core strength.  She also incorporated some things that she knew my daughter would love, like a crash pad, mini trampoline, tactile bins, and a therapy ball.  We are in the process of putting in a swing as well.  We are so excited at the various options available!  We can start with a simple swing and then add more as we need to, using the same attachment.  I now have several good places to start as I continue to build the space.  Amy took several aesthetic things into consideration as well, like color and lighting.  I am thrilled with where the space is heading and I would recommend her services to any parent who wants to be an active participant in their child’s sensory development.  My daughter seems much more comfortable in her home environment now that she has a special space she can go when she needs to.  Also, I can’t wait for her cousins and friends to play with some of her new toys!  Of course, they are easy to stow if I need to.  Amy gave my lots of tips for how to lay out the room to best utilize the space.  The service Amy offers is truly unique and fills a real need for children with sensory needs like my daughter! -M.R.

Here’s what clients have to say about Sensible Sensory Spaces