In-home Sensory Spaces
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Sensible Sensory Spaces

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✓ Do you take your child to therapy and often wish you had a similar sensory environment in your home?

✓ Did you know that creating a sensory space in your home is easy and affordable?
✓ Did you know that adults also benefit from sensory spaces?

Look No Further

Sensible Sensory Spaces, LLC offers a variety of services including in-home sensory spaces and sensory equipment.

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Sensible Sensory Spaces Provides

In-home Sensory Spaces

Sensible Sensory Spaces, LLC not only creates in-home sensory spaces for children with sensory processing challenges, it offers much more. 

Whether a child with special needs or an adult, we all have our own unique way of processing sensory information within our environment. Do you feel calm, organized, and at peace when you are in a decluttered room with neutral colors and dim lighting? Are you the opposite and prefer to work in an office with bright, vibrant colors with increased lighting alerting your sensory system to keep yourself awake and motivated? Children experience similar sensory processing. A child may struggle to sit still and may need increased movement or respond well to calm colors. If that is the case, let’s incorporate sensory equipment like you see at a therapy office into a fun child themed bedroom or include a sensory space within your living room. The possibilities are endless and much more affordable than you think! Sensible Sensory Spaces, LLC looks at the sensory processing needs of the child utilizing the space and then considers the element of design to create beautiful, fun, and therapeutic spaces within your home.

After treating children with sensory processing difficulties and seeing the results of sensory input at therapy offices, Amy Molley dreamed of children and their families having access to such sensory input on a daily basis in the comfort of their own homes. It’s no secret that children need sensory input each and every day, not just on days when they receive therapy services. Amy combined her passion for children with special needs, her knowledge and experience with sensory integration, and her love for decorating and established Sensible Sensory Spaces in 2014. 

Sensible Sensory Spaces, LLC believes in building a strong rapport with individuals and families and strives to encourage function and independence for carryover across all settings to improve one’s quality of life.

Sensible Sensory Spaces, LLC accepts most insurance plans for Occupational Therapy services. In-home sensory spaces are individualized for your child’s sensory needs and your family’s budget. 

We would love to hear from you. Contact us to discuss your child’s needs and to begin designing your in-home sensory space. We are here to help and are excited to meet you and your child!