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Sensory Spaces aren’t just for children. Do you struggle getting work done in your home office or wish your bedroom felt like a relaxing retreat to take away daily stress? Do you need help organizing closets, rooms, craft spaces, or your home office? Adults need in-home sensory spaces too. Due to popular demand, Sensible Sensory Spaces now offers what you might refer to as interior design, but with a twist. Sensible Sensory Spaces first looks outside of the room to assess an individual’s sensory needs and then enters the room to design and decorate. Perhaps you need an occupational therapist, not an interior designer!

Are you in the market to redecorate your home office or bedroom? Some individuals need neutral calming colors, less clutter, and increased organization in their home office in order to feel relaxed, work efficiently, and to be more productive. Other individuals may need bright vibrant colors to alert their sensory systems to stay awake and to feel motivated.

Sensible Sensory Spaces can help you create relaxing and inviting rooms in your home that speak to your sensory needs.

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Maybe your idea of a sensory space doesn’t include specific sensory equipment and the need isn’t for your child, but for yourself or another family member.  Maybe your idea of a sensory space is a room that you find to be beautiful, stylish, relaxing, and calming. Maybe you need a room in your home that speaks your own sensory needs. Do you have an inspiration picture of a room you wish to re-create in your home?

What inspires you? We love to work from pictures! Don’t pay outrageous prices for home decor or design services. Sensible Sensory Spaces can help you create such a space at an affordable, budget friendly price. Everyone deserves to have a home they love!