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We Have A Holiday Gift Idea For Your Children!


Does your child struggle with sensory processing skills? Is sitting still to complete homework stressful for the whole family? Does your child have difficulty falling asleep at bedtime?

This time of year we all struggle with gift ideas for our children. Look no further. We have the perfect gift idea!

Sensible Sensory Spaces offers gift certificates and a variety of sensory equipment. Why not give your children the gift of sensory regulation. Sensory items are a wonderful, multi-functional gifts that last. What about a ball pit in a bag, a scooter board, or a mini trampoline with a crash cushion?  Such pieces of sensory input provide your child with the ability to move and recieve sensory input that their bodies often seek. Not only are there many options, they are more budget friendly than you would think.

Have you thought about setting up a sensory space for your child in the comfort of your home? Gift certificates from Sensible Sensory Spaces is a wonderful gift suggestion for grandparents and families.  Let us set up a sensory room in your home! Sensory spaces can be incorporated into bedrooms, basements, or even the corner of a living room. The possibilities are endless!

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We would love to help you this holiday season! Feel free to contact us at:


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